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We’re going to need a longer measuring tape!

FYI – when measuring a house make sure your measuring tape is longer than 5m!

Scanlicott Renovation 2.0 has officially commenced with the change of the calendar year. All the excuses of ‘ that’s future Pat and Lou’s problem’ are now actually Pat and Lou’s problem.

The house is essentially a blank canvas. We have our budget and an endless string of ideas. So what should we do first? Lets measure of course.

Measuring the house will allow us to see what is a dream and what is the reality. One of the initial things we would like to do is move the current small narrow bathroom that is off the kitchen into the ironing room. (note earlier post of grandma constantly being found in the ironing room due to her ‘love’ of clean pressed clothes and pressed linen). The only way to establish if this is possible? MEASURE!

Due to the number of children Grandma and Poppa had the original configuration of the house was changed multiple times to allow for the ever-expanding children and than grandchildren.

The original deck was enclosed for more internal space and the original hall way removed. We would like to revert the front of the house to the original design with opening the front of the house and reinstate the hallway. The only way to establish if this is possible? MEASURE

Original frontage of the house – note the bottom of the photo says July 1936

A new kitchen is required, adding in additional features that the kitchen doesn’t currently have such as an oven and dishwasher. The only way to establish if this is possible? MEASURE

I think by now you get the picture that to progress all these grand ideas into reality is to MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE! With preferably a larger measuring tape as I don’t think our current 3meter one will do the job, so off to Bunning’s we went.

By no means are we computer geniuses or drafts-man but we are pretty impressed with our initial drawings. We created some basic shapes  in Microsoft Word to represent the rooms than using pen and paper (I know crazy in this day and age) wrote down the measurements.

Now that we have the measurements we can see how out of scale our original drawing was so next step will be a to complete a drawing to scale. In taking these measurements has allowed us to have a clear vision of basic design principles and what of our dreams can be achieved.

Our beautiful art work aka measurements!

We have confirmed the ironing room will have sufficient space for a bathroom. The bathroom will consist of a toilet, vanity, shower and bath.

The ‘ironing’ room now a blank canvas. ?potential bathroom space

In moving the bathroom from the original location will allow an extra 900mm of space in the kitchen by removing the wall. We had hoped the original bathroom could become a butler’s pantry with a fridge inside. However our fridge is 778mm deep which will not leave enough room to open the doors.

We have a large family so need to be smart about designing the new kitchen. We want to ensure that when having the family over for a meal we can all fit around one table, this is providing to be challenging as we also want ample bench space which would need to be an island bench. I am open to any suggestions on how I can fit these 2 ideas in!

While we were measuring the house we also had a sneak peak at the floors under the carpet. And guess what??? We LOVE them! We can’t wait to get in and ripe up the carpet and see what condition they are all in and what they will eventually look like. Here’s a sneak peak.

Sneak peak of floor boards under carpets.

Let the renovation’s begin!

Measuring fun! Lucky we went with the 8m tape as the width of this was 720cms

Xx L & P



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