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The ball has begun to roll

Last week the real renovations officially commenced. Whilst previously there was a small bit of demo and clearing work here and there the big task of asbestos removal commenced and has now been completed!!!!

Front asbestos gone

The original predictions were for the job to be completed within 6 days however it took 9. Mainly because once they started removing asbestos more and more and more was found!!!! We have had over 350m2 of asbestos cleared from the house.

The ‘original’ house is really the only rooms that are not affected by internal asbestos, although one of the rooms did have asbestos applied over the VJ walls. This was a win for us as one less room we need to get a new wall for.

The internal asbestos walls that were removed will be replaced with imitation VJ plaster board to continue the ‘Queenslander’ feel. The biggest walls for replacing are the exterior. Now that exterior asbestos has been removed there is a small part of the internal house that has been left quiet exposed.

Internal and external asbestos gone exposing inside

We are using a composite chamfer board on the exterior of the house, one that mimics the original chamfer board (found inside). This will re-inject some curb side appeal to the house again. The chamfer board started going up on Wednesday and is predicted to take close to 2 weeks.

The removal of asbestos was important for us to as parts of it were cracked and broken. It also makes coordinating other trades that much easier as a lot of tradesman such as electricians and plumbers are very reluctant to drill into asbestos.

We did find some very interesting finds when the asbestos was removed. We found the old hot water system (tin rubbish bin) in the ceiling AND a tow bar in a wall cavity.

Hot water system in the roof

There were a few sadder things to see going, for example a little bit of family history went with the asbestos removal. On one of the walls there were drawn waterlines for the 1974 floods in the days leading up and just after as the water resided. We did transfer these onto a nearby post as reference. Also the ceiling in my grandma’s room went (refer to Instagram post about ceiling).

So what’s next you ask? Well here is the list:
• Insulation of external walls
• Chamferboard
• Bathroom
• New internal walls and ceilings in some areas
• Front door
• New front windows
• Balustrade of front landing
• Sand all walls
• Clear the yard/garden
• New fence (dog proofed….did I mention our dog escaped from this yard on our wedding day yet?)
• Paint
• Polish floors

Starting of exterior wall

Thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn move in! Can’t wait to finally be in and living in our new (old) home. So if you have a free weekend coming up don’t tell me otherwise you will be allocated one of the above jobs!

In concluding this blog I realise I have spent 90% of the time talking about asbestos. It is a massive job and a massive milestone. Anyway hope you have a fantastic weekend and if you are looking for us I’ll give you 2 guesses where we will be.

x L & P


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