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How much is too much? It’s Bathroom Renovation Time!

The idea of buying a vanity for close to $3000 seems ridiculous especially when the original budget was $250 (yeah we were dreaming) but how much is too much? If I save on the cost of a toilet and maybe go without floor tiles surely this will cover that cost! This is a blog about finding the perfect vanity, falling madly in love with it only to click on the cost and realise I could also spend the money on a small car.

Like all good hope-crushing-stories this one starts out the exact same. Pinterest. It was a summer afternoon in late November. A young good-looking couple were filling their heads about all hopes and dreams for what, at this stage seemed like a distant future of renovating. Wine and beer were drunk while plans were being made. Note paper came out whereby terrible drawings were made of the future house. Styles were picked and like all initial renovation discussions practicality had not yet taken hold and hours were spent discussing and dreaming of where mirrors were to be hung.

As the one drink turned into a few more the alcohol cloud epiphany hit and with some clarity came insight – Silly us! We realised we were not being very practical and were skipping many, many steps and needed to think more practically. Therefore we set off planning our bathroom; layout, functionality and style.

The bathroom was moved from the original location which was a narrow long room off the kitchen into the ironing room (see earlier post about what the ‘ironing’ room is). This gave us a bathroom of about 2.4m x 3.2m so a fairly decent size, although we did need to fit a toilet in here as well.

Original Shower – just off the kitchen
Original toilet opposite the shower

We want our house to be classic, timeless and ooze comfort in a well organised, personalised, customised, luxurious way – think very much Hamptons Style… You know that effortless look that normally takes a lot of time and energy to look a certain amount of dishevelled in a very non dishevelled way. Ohhh and one more thing……this all needs to happen on a shoe string budget. Hampton’s style and a shoe string budget don’t go hand in hand but we will give it a good ol’ shot…what’s one more challenge.

We wanted to encapsulate this style into the bathroom. This bathroom is for all intensive prepares our ‘forever’ bathroom (*** see below definitions of forever). This means the next time it gets renovated is in 20 years’ when it is due to a makeover.

Anyway we Pinterest all variations imaginable for bathrooms to find the perfect design and what elements we wanted to incorporate and what could work. It was in this Pinterest search frenzy zone that I stumbled upon the most gorgeous vanity. It than became my life’s mission for the next few weeks to find where it was from. I went to bed thinking about this vanity and woke up dreaming about it…..this is not an exaggeration!
It wasn’t until one day I somehow stumbled on it…..only to see the price……THAN only to see the price in American dollars. I could surely not justifying spending that much on a vanity!

We than looked at being thrifty and finding an old vanity, paint it and replace the top. After trying to buy a couple on eBay and Gumtree with little to no luck we parked the vanity to the side for a while and concentrated on more pressing issues like asbestos removal and organising walls for our house.

Like all good fairy tales not long after the heart break my knight in shining armour arrived. He was perfectly rugged (legitimately we were mid renovation) when he found our new perfect vanity. It was just what we wanted…. Even more perfect than the last PLUS it was at a very reasonable price…we couldn’t even buy a small car for the cost of this vanity!

It arrived in 24 hours and WOW! I can’t wait to get it installed. If you have been to my house since the vanity has arrived I probably have made you touch the marble counter top.

The bathroom story isn’t over just yet so I can’t finish with ‘and they lived happily ever after’ as work only commenced last week with a few minor hiccups but we will be back on track after today.

But for now see below for a few ‘sneak peaks’ of what we have so far.

Sheeting of the new location of the bathroom
bathroom layout
The rough plans of the new bathroom layout
Floor tiles with a white bevel edge subway tiles. The subway tiles will go up to 1800mm with than VJ sheeting the rest of the way (except the shower that will all be 100% tiles)
Sneak peak at the gorgeous vanity top


Can’t wait to share with you the end result!

Xx L & P

***Note Lou & Pat’s Reno Terminology broken down
Forever – the location/layout/design will remain exactly the same when we raise regardless of the layout we choose for the rest of the house
Temporary – Used very loosely temporary means it will be what it is for the next 10 years until we raise. When we raise we have no idea what this space will be.

Feature image is an image found on Pinterest when searching Dream+Luxury+Bathrooms I felt it was a fitting image for this post.




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