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Bamboozled by Bamboo

Before I start the triple B post I first want to acknowledge that we 100% knew EXACTLY what we were getting into when we brought our house and the bamboo that came with it.

We knew it was going to be a big job and it wasn’t going to be a small feet to completely get rid of it.

Firstly let me set the scene. We are currently perched on 500m2 block backing on to an easement and a dog park. We have 3 massive clumping bamboo trees, 2 smaller clumping bamboos and 1 palm tree which is hybrid bamboo. They had, to an extent over took the yard.

Over the course of several months we cut the bamboo down either over the weekend and in afternoon after work. This was a 3 people job alone person had to lasso (bamboo cowboy) the individual bamboo pole, the other had to cut with a hand saw, whilst the third person watched to make sure when the 40foot bamboo pole came down everyone and everything was clear.

The start of cutting the bamboo and how quickly it re-grows.

You can’t use a chainsaw, initially due to how tightly compacted the bamboo poles were and also because you needed them to come down individually and safely. We nearly had had enough and started looking for a tree lopper however we found the majority of tree loppers wouldn’t touch it.

Pools cut down with still more in the background – even cut down it took over the yard

After a very successful weekend with a great crew all the bamboo was cut down and gone!

However the bamboo variety we had grew super-fast and literally overnight more sprouts would pop up. How many times have you heard don’t trust everything on the internet? I can confirm from personal experience that the below Wikipedia is an accurate account.

Bamboo – Wikipedia search

One all the bamboo was down we had to get the root system up. This took a bobcat and a 14 tonne excavator to not only dig up the bamboo roots but the concrete base of the fence. My grandfather never built a fence as half pace – in true Poppa fashion the concrete fence was not reinforced with rebar but steel posts. Our excavator driver said he had pulled up airport landing strips easier than this.

The process of getting rid of it and the cement

We have now had the ground levelled and smoothed so that the land falls away from the house and not into it.

1 root system in the tip truck

It has now been several weeks later and whilst out in the yard what did I come across?!?!?! Oh just a bamboo shoot in the middle of the yard! Pat was at Bunnings so after some coursing I thought I better dig it up. The shoot was nowhere near where the bamboo was planted and it turns out that it was a piece of root that had come off when the excavator had to break it up to put it in the tip truck.

As Pat was out I thought it would be hilarious to plant the bamboo shoot in a pot plant in  put it in the middle of the driver……needless to say he was not amused!!

IMG_1961 The little one growing back

The moral of this story is not to never plant bamboo, it does look very nice in a lot of gardens just never give us any.


2 thoughts on “Bamboozled by Bamboo

  1. Holy Crap! I can feel your pain! I took on a 3 year battle with the bamboo I inherited at my house. Cut it down, saturated the ground with vegetation killer and covered with a black tarp and cooked it through a hot summer and when I lifted the tarp the next spring – there were green sprouts ready to sprout. Just a bit of root is sure to give you a new baby bamboo. Finally dug it out and put a concrete driveway over it. It’s been a few years, but I still look for those little demon sprouts in the yard. No bamboo for me, please. All the best from Indiana.


    1. Wow!!!! That is crazy, they are pretty touch to kill. I don’t know about you but whenever I drive past a house with bamboo in the yard I can’t help shake my head as they have know idea what they have got themselves into! Best of luck that your bamboo NEVER comes back!

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